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Global Financial Services Technology upshift

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What was needed?

With customer satisfaction reducing, increased global competition and outdated legacy IT systems and business processes, a major change was needed to adapt.

What was done?

An integrated team of subject matter experts and consultants used a structured approach to break through the contradicting options to create a roadmap of change that everyone could believe in.

The board agreed to the business case and changes to business operations and processes needed to take benefit from the major shift in underlying technology. A change programme was established with a business change project and four technology change projects. This included: data intelligence, ERP and CRM packages, DevOps and reengineered business processes.

What was the outcome?

The organisation found a way forward when one could not previously be found after several years of searching. The business leaders committed to drive the change through the anticipated challenges and opportunities change would have to the business en-route.

A progressive set of deliverables secured benefits along the way after only a few months.

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