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Our Focus: Excellence for Customer, Team & Business

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Our Focus: Excellence for Customer, Team & Business

The only constant in life is change” – Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher 500BC

Globalisation and digital technology is driving an ever faster pace of change that proves Heraclitus right. Now, more that ever.  Gartner research shows that “at least 60% of change endeavours fail to achieve their full objectives.”  This is especially troublesome for the end customers not receiving the benefits expected and investments not returning their promise.

Successfully delivering change involves many people and organisations all endeavouring together.

  • End-customers, the ultimate beneficiaries whose lives, occupations and business is improved through change.
  • The team of people involved with making change happen eg developers, trainers, coaches, customer reps.
  • Sponsoring business.  Someone is paying and expects to get a return on their investment including suppliers.


Often results are achieved which compromise one party over another: a supplier honours the contracted outcomes to the letter, but loses money and the team are placed under severe pressure as a result. Sometimes, the team get highly excited about helping their customers and make some significant changes, however others are missed and the customer ends up spending far more than the business case.  Sadly, the scenario where all 3 lose out is all to common:  the change strategy is too ambitious, the team struggle to engage, costs spiral, leadership fail to maintain control – the programme is cancelled.

There is an alternative view. Charles Digital uses a unique methodology that focuses on excellence for the End customer, delivery team and sponsoring business.  The triple “win” with all parties being fully satisfied creates synergy – something that is more than the sum of the parts – often this is a higher pace of change, deeper change, shorter time to benefits, growth in new leaders and better business outcomes.  A team that is energised by positive feedback from end-customers can lead to more innovation, often more efficiently and productively.

Each party’s dynamic is different, yet all 3 depend on each other.  In future blogs, we will explore further and approach that has yielded superior results.

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